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Sustainability Ė itís a broad term with many meanings, and it is thrown around a great deal of late.

As architects and designers, we take it to mean leaving the world a little better than we found it, for our children and grandchildren. At Dreyfuss & Blackford Architects, we embrace and incorporate sustainability principals into our design work from the very start of every project. From the sun-tracking solar louvers of the SMUD Headquarters (1959), to the vegetative roof of the CalPERS Headquarters at Lincoln Plaza (1986), to the integrated photovoltaic system of the Department of Education (2000), to the ultra energy-efficient systems in the Cal ISO Headquarters (2009), we provide innovative, functional and efficient design features in every project we undertake, leading to a greater degree of sustainability.

The cost of sustainable design is not great. Small, incremental changes from the status quo can yield tremendous energy and operational savings, while larger systemic changes demonstrate shorter and shorter lifecycle payback periods as technologies emerge and mature. Our highly qualified professionals work through the range of options and approaches appropriate to each unique project, to yield the most effective design solution for each clientís project goals and budgets. We offer a full range of value-added techniques and services to promote sustainable design, including:

Preliminary Goal Assessments
Environmental Site Assessment
Preliminary LEED Checklist Projections
Eco-Charettes with Owners & Design Team
Material & Systems Analysis
Lifecycle Costing & Cost/Benefit Analysis
USGBC Documentation
Building Commissioning
Post Occupancy Evaluation

We have over a dozen LEED Accredited Professionals on staff with deep experience in all facets of environmentally responsible design for Public, Commercial, Healthcare and Education projects.