Dreyfuss & Blackford Home
300 University Avenue

Jackson Properties

Sacramento, California

$3.5 M


Office, Graphics
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Campus Commons is a mature garden office district just outside the downtown core in Sacramento. A tragic fire in 2002 destroyed two adjacent buildings, creating a unique opportunity for an infill project in a contemporary professional business park.

Our design concept had two distinct goals: develop forward-looking, resource- and energy-efficient buildings that are very modern and technologically advanced; and ensure that they fit well into an office existing context. The design motif began with classic red brick, a nod to the neighbors and the past. The brick walls are very rectilinear, crisp planes pierced by punched square openings and intersecting transparent storefront planes. Pre-finished aluminum canopies, storefront and textured panels knit these elements together into a light and cohesive 'Modernist' expression.

This spec office building is tailored to the needs of medical office users, with the full compliment of automated, energy-saving technological features.

300 University earned the Energy Star in 2010, after one full year of operation.